Tennis – ATP World Tour Finals

Roger Federer vs Alexander Zverev

⌚️14:00 GMT⌚️

From the beginning of the tournament Roger Federer noticeably added, because the defeat of Kay Nishikori made the third racket of the world act more aggressively. Alexander Zverev does not reach the level of Novak Djokovic, but he can fight against other rivals on equal terms. I assume that in this meeting it is impossible to avoid a tense struggle, since both tennis players are perfectly prepared for the semi finals, therefore I will bet a total more. This players met seven times, three victories of Zverev. 22.5 game total has been broken four times in seven previous matches!

🎾Roger Federer will win🎾

🎾Over 22.5 Total Games🎾

Novak Djokovic vs Kevin Anderson

⌚️20:00 GMT⌚️

South African surprised by their pressure from the first meeting. For the first racket of the world, everything is going quite smoothly, although it is in excellent physical and psychological form this result does not surprise anyone. South African surprised by their pressure from the first meeting and this year the sixth racket of the world made its debut at the final tournament so for him the competition in London is special. At the start, the 32 year old tennis player beat Dominic Tim, although initially the chances of winning were almost equal. Anderson for the first time in his career reached the semifinals of the final tournament and for three previous fights the South African filed 33 aces. No value for match win so i will go for Total Games score.

🎾Over 21.5 Total Games🎾 

🤞Good Luck Fingers Crossed🤞

!!Updated!! WTA TAIPEI WD TENNIS – ATP Bangalore –…

Misaki Doi vs Junri Namigata

⌚️08:30 GMT⌚️

I Will go for Doi and Kovinic here, they are well known in both singles and doubles and even though are playing for 2nd time together, I still think they are much better than their opponents today and for sure closer to the victory. Price on them is also quite solid so I think it is worth going for them on this match today with high stake.

🎾Misaki Doi to win🎾

Prajnesh Gunneswaran vs Brayden Schnur

⌚️12:00 GMT⌚️

ATP – Singles . Semifinals of Challenger tournament in India – Bangalore on hard surface

Prajnesh is playing at home here and he is in really good form right now, he is 144th on ATP list and I think he is going to win in this one as well. On the other side Schnur is 233rd and is also in good form, but conditions and surface are in favor of Prajnesh and due to it I think he is closer to the victory here, also crowd will be on his side.

🎾Prajesh to win🎾

Alexander Zverev vs. John Izner

⌚️14:00 GMT⌚️

Zverev plays against Izner in a match that is important for him to go further. Victory can not be called into question. What is inconvenient for Zvereva is the long season that lasts for 11 months in tennis. With these words, he declared public discontent with the length of the season. So far, he played against Izner 6 times and 4 times Izner took at least one set. Bearing in mind the combination of tiredness and the fact that Izner was a worthy opponent in the previous doubles game on the victory of Zverev who is a far better tennis player, but with Izner taking at least one set which is quite a real option.

🎾Izner to win🎾

⚠️⚠️Its is highly recommended to trade this both matches rather than going for straight win⚠️⚠️

Shuai Peng vs Whitney Osuigwe

⌚️16:00 GMT⌚️

Shuai Peng is former rank 1 player from doubles and also top 30 player from singles, currently 296th while on the other side Whitney Osuigwe is a new player, 16 years old and 225th. She is on a 6 wins streak and won ITF in Tyler. I opted for Shuai Peng to win here, she is just much more experienced and better player, but beside this Osuigwe played too many matches, don’t think she can break through Peng.

🎾Shuai Peng to win – Recommend trading it as well🎾

🤞Good Luck Fingers Crossed🤞


Dominic Thiem vs Kei Nishikori 

⌚️14:00 GMT⌚️

Nishikori beat Thiem 6-3 6-1 earlier this year in Vienna and the Japanese star has won three of the four head to head meetings with the Austrian. Thiem has been beaten in straight sets by Federer and Anderson, Nishikori looking to book his place in the semi final. Backing Kei to get the job done.
Kei Nishikori vs Dominic Thiem match, my prediction Kei Nishikori will win the match on 2-0 sets and I will win this bet.
He still has a chance for second place in a group so he will be motivated an he also leads h2h against Thiem and he beat him 3 weeks ago in Wien.
Nishikori is 9 th in rankings and Thiem 8th, Nishikori suceeded to beat Federer on 11 november with 2-0, after 2 days on 13 nov, Federer beats 2-0 Thiem. Last game between Nishikori and Thiem was on 26 October when Nishikori won over Thiem with 2-0.

🎾Kei Nishikori to win🎾

*Courtesy Kevin Smith*

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