KPL 2019 Cricket Match Predictions and Vitality T20 Blast for 25th August

KPL Cricket Predictions

Cricket Match Predictions for todays KPL 2019 and Vitality T20 Blast Matches. Get Cricket Match Predictions to know who will win today’s double header between Belagavi Panthers v Shivamogga Lions and Mysuru Warriors v Hubli Tigers and much more. Those who are not in the KPL 2019 contest can post their prediction. The KPL Cricket Predictions will be posted within the time frame. Another contest will be announced soon for CPL 2019 (Caribbean Premier League), so stay tuned for any updates for it.

??Karnataka Premier League 2019??

Belagavi Panthers v Shivamogga Lions *Match 16* ?10:30 GMT+1?

Match Starts in

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Mysuru Warriors v Hubli Tigers *Match 17* ?14:30 GMT+1?

Match Starts in

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?Rules for contestants?

???????Vitality T20 Blast???????

Warwickshire v Northamptonshire (North Group) *Match 105* ?14:30 GMT+1?

Leicestershire v Derbyshire (North Group) *Match 106* ?14:30 GMT+1?

Hampshire v Essex (South Group) *Match 107* ?14:30 GMT+1?

Worcestershire v Lancashire (North Group) *Match 108* ?14:30 GMT+1?

Nottinghamshire v Yorkshire (North Group) *Match 109* ?15:30 GMT+1?

????????Womens Cricket League 2019????????

Loughborough Lightning v Lancashire Thunder *Match 25* ?11:30 GMT+1?

Surrey Stars v Western Storm *Match 26* ?14:30 GMT+1?

Yorkshire Diamonds v Southern Vipers *Match 27* ?14:30 GMT+1?

KPL Match Predictions 2019

Belagavi Panthers v Shivamogga Lions *Match 16*

The Shivamogga Lions had their first loss the day before yesterday and with the ego hurt they meet the Panthers today which in my opinion will again deliver them another loss. The Belgavi Panthers have easily beaten them on previous season and this one shouldn’t be any different. Trading is recommended

♠Belagavi Panthers will win the match♠

Mysuru Warriors v Hubli Tigers *Match 17*

On this encounter I do believe that Hubli Tigers will stand much more advantage to win it. Since they come after two straight win, they should be able to have the confidence to carry on like that. Their bad start on the season will not be a motive to let them down for sure. Trading is recommended

♠Hubli Tigers will win the match♠

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