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Pro Ace Predictions is introducing a recommended predictors table, so it is easy for the new comers to choose whom to follow and also to track each predictor success. I do not include myself on the lists since I’m the owner of the site and also my predictions comes on the daily post itself. Who knows me, knows my work. I do suggest that each and every predictor on the list should be loyal towards the site and genuine on their results. As for now everyone starts with Bronze Badge and it will get updated accordingly.

*Also for live sessions

** Also for basketball

For Cricket Match Predictions, it is requested to every predictor to post their predictions at least 5 mins before the match starts in order to count to strike rate.

For Football and other sports the predictions can be given anytime, however if its in-play please mention the odds as well the time and specific market.

On the end of each day, please submit your reports with the genuine results, so it can be stored and avail for the table update.

Badges and Strike Rates


The Bronze Badge is attributed to predictors who are having between 35% to 50% strike rate.



The Silver Badge is attributed to predictors who are having between 51% to 70% strike rate.




The Golden Badge is attributed to predictors who are having between 71% to 90% strike rate.




This page can be accessed from the side bar by clicking the badge and as well from the top menu.

Wishing all predictors best of luck and success, lets boom.

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