West Indies v Pakistan Match 2 Cricket ICC World Cup 2019 Match Predictions 31st May

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ICC Cricket World Cup 2019🇵🇰

West Indies v Pakistan *Match 2* 10:30 GMT+1

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West Indies v Pakistan *Match 2*

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Its the second day of this wonderful tournament that is World Cup. The clouds might threaten but a matter of fact is that we do not expect any rain for today, just another cloudy summer day. With this said we are all looking forward for this match between these two nations. Both teams had one warm up game abandoned due to the British Weather, but Pakistan has lost shamefully on their warm up game against Afghanistan and to be honest I do not think they can beat up West Indies today. The West Indies on their Warm Up game have been all out against New Zealand, however they did a pretty good damage of 421 which has a hard task for the Kiwis. Its not new that the West Indies have a great batting power and will certainly use that on this tournament to guarantee their victory and so today I do expect a great match from them. Pakistan has not been at their best form on this format of the game and this will certainly is a treat for the West Indies who have been quite pumped up for the same. Shai Hope is one of the top 5 batsmen in this format of the game and no surprise that he made his century from 86 balls against New Zealand that makes him a valuable player and a great contributor. The team his mostly know by their power hitting players and on this beautiful bating pitch I will certainly expect a great match between these two. Its off course expected for Pakistan to fire up as much as they can, this is World Cup after all, but I’m expecting Jason Holder’s men to get this victory.

Trading is also well recommended today, the prices are close to each other and they will certainly swing.

West Indies will win the match

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