Help on Register



1: On the menu of the site click on “MY ACCOUNT”

2: You will be redirected to a page where you will need to fill out the information to get registered. On that page scroll a bit down where you will find “New User Registration”

3: Fill out all necessary details as username, email address, country and your chosen password and click on “I’m not a robot” and complete the reCaptcha.

4: After all above steps are done click “Register”

5:Congrats, you have successfully registered.

6: Now you may log in by clicking on the menu of the site “MY ACCOUNT” and fill your username and your password that you have registered with the site.

7: Congrats, you have successfully logged in.

Retrieve your Credentials 

1: If you have got an error like the one bellow, then you must either have entered your credentials wrong.

2: If you have forgotten your password you can reset it by clicking “Click here to reset”

3: Fill out your username and email that you have registered on site.


4: Congrats, you have now retrieved your password, you should go to your email and follow the instructions to set a new password.

I hope this clarifies all doubts and if not then you may always contact me.

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